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2017 Content freshness strategy for better Google rankings

Content freshness is about the quality of your website content and the signals it presents to present to Google as a sort of proof that your web page is worthwhile. Content in itself is very important and the originality of said content carries a significant weight in the ranking of your website. If your website is frequently updated with new downloads, articles, and web pages, a search engine will check Read more »

How Easy is Content Analysis & Optimization?

Content Analysis and subsequent Content Optimization is a key part of any holistic approach to SEO, or indeed website rebuild. However, recently I came to thinking about how I could explain the idea in a much simpler way, without the jargon or need for a whiteboard – let me be clear this article isn’t a step by step process of how to do content analysis of your website or how Read more »

Why Hate Google Adsense?

There are many reasons and here is my answer to this question. In this post I explain Why I hate Google Adsense and why Google adsense sucks! 8 Reasons Why I hate Google Adsense? You may think I have personal reasons for writing this post. No, this is not like that. I don’t want any new bloggers, my web friends and new web-masters to quit blogging just because google adsense is Read more »